Aside from the pure natural beauty to be found in this pristine hideaway, perhaps the most notable feature of Hidden Hollow Preserve is the truly unique ranch house, Cedar Keep. Nestled neatly in the mature woods, perched upon and anchored to a thick red sandstone outcropping encrusted with quartzite geodes and surrounded on three sides by streams and waterfalls, the house is clad entirely in natural western red cedar which allows it to melt comfortably into its surroundings. The entrance drive through the mature woods is dotted with rhododendrons, azaleas, mountain laurels, Japanese maples, hostas, astilbes, bleeding hearts, trilliums and stella díoro lilies, along with many varieties of ferns and wild flowers.
Self designed, Cedar Keep captures a mixture of natural beauty and an oriental flair. A two story octagon living room together with a vaulted ceiling library connected by magnificent field stone fireplaces on two sides command the front of the home, surrounded by a marvelous wrap around porch which absorbs the beauty of the flora and fauna enveloping the site. The porch teems with huge blue glazed Chinese pots full of impatiens, begonias, hanging baskets of fish tail ferns and double rose impatiens and numerous wind chimes collected from the four corners of the earth including Brazil, Peru, Bali and China. If visitors are quiet and a little patient, they will be treated to the entertaining performances of literally dozens of fearless Ruby throated hummingbirds haunting the three feeders amongst the flowers on the wrap around porch.
Surrounding the house are forty-eight alternating red and white azaleas anchored by Chinese boy and girl holly bushes. The west side of the home is covered with incredibly profuse red blaze climbing roses growing out of beautiful beds of multicolored impatiens.
To balance the beauty of the entrance of the home, another porch on the back of the house overlooks the largest private water garden in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, a naturally set, 30W x 100L x 7D pool adjacent to and continually fed by one of the cool, clear streams surrounding the house. Capped with irregular, natural, red sandstone rocks, the water garden is home to over fifty varieties of water plants, hardy and tropical water lilies and giant flowering lotus. The garden also contains hundreds of gold fish, golden orfe and koi as well as Rams horn snails, bullfrogs, tadpoles and painted turtles. A large waterfall adorns the western bank of the pool and adds the melodic sounds of falling water to the peaceful scene. Surrounding the water garden are flowering almond, variegated weigela, red, white and pink dogwood, red flowering crabtrees, cranberry bushes, lilacs and peonies. In addition there are numerous flower gardens constructed with natural rock formations, planted with both perennial and annual flowers to supply color and fragrance all summer long.
Hidden Hollow Preserve and Cedar Keep have hosted many local and regional clubs including the Founding meeting of the Marion County Garden Club, Marion County Leadership 1997, Marion County Leadership 2000, The Marion County Agriculture Extension Office Field Day 1999, the South East Bison Association, the Kiwanis Club and the Marion County Chamber of Commerce Garden Tour to name but a few. Local television programs on horticulture have been filmed here. And local schools are establishing programs to use the ranch for children requiring special attention.
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