When considering to sell one of our precious horses, we strive in all cases to match up the right new home or breeding program with the individual horse. Owning a horse is a long-time, possibly life-time, commitment and responsibility and it must not be approached lightly. Simultaneously, your purchase of one of our horses can result in the most meaningful and fulfilling partnership you have ever enjoyed with one of nature's finest creations.

Congratulations and thank you to the following new friends for their purchases of some of our fine horses. We hear from these good friends continually .. keeping us advised about how much they are enjoying their new partners!

Nancy Bliss of Lebanon, KY - ARA Khemyra
Nancy Bliss of Lebanon, KY - Arasuj
Nora, Mike, Jeff Hatton of Springfield, MO - HHP Khareem
Angel Skubic of Minneapolis, MN - HHP Jamahla
Gladys Skubic of Minneapolis, MN - Blacklady Rashada
Carolyn Duval of Taos, NM - HHP Kamil
Josh Giles of Englewood, TN - Blacklord Sirocco
Dustin Therrien of Decatur, AL - HHP Qatama Wasama
Gladys Skubic, Minneapolis, MN - Al Arabi Asiir
Gladys Skubic, Minneapolis, MN - HHA Sahar
Monica & Pat Respet, New Tripoli, PA - HHP Kiyahsa
Tim Yingst, Odon, IN - HHP Qasham Luibah
Marci Paltrow-Williams, Olathe, KS  - Tusarra
Marsha Howell, Delhi, CA - Tusarraa

Pat & Bernie Fiske, Minneapolis, MN - ERA Wahara and Blacklady Khiyara
Debra Schrishuhn & Cathi Tice, Urbana, IL - Shallimar Bedu and Maar Shalima
Randall Jamison, Riner, VA - Ibn Rabdan USA and HHP Tuhot Masarra
Melissa Howard, Owensboro, KY - HHP Sahib
Michelle Jordan, Elizabethtown, KY - Bint Wahara and HHP Malouneh
David Marshall & Sandie MacLean, Leeston, New Zealand - HHP Mahlak Hala

Erik Likums, Gravel Switch ,KY - HHP Tariifah
Nancy Bliss of Lebanon, KY - Imperial Mimraah and HHP Imperial Aliah

Only one mare left for sale



Foaled July 15, 2001

Arabian Horse Association # 586099

Al Khamsa, Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian, Asil

Hadban-Inzihi to Venus

Sarriha is a steel gray filly of exquisite grace and extraordinary pedigree. Her sire is the incomparable El Halimaar, sire of Richter MH, Abraxas Halimaar and countless other great Arabians.

Her dam, Tusarra, is by the famous stallion, El Mareekh I and is a grand daughter of Fasarra, dam of Richter MH. Aside from her pretty face, Sarriha offers wonderful Arabian movement and the depth of loyalty, love and devotion you can only dream about.

Selling Price: $35,000
Price Slashed to only $20,000

Please visit the MARE page to see Sarriha's photos and access her pedigree

Only one foal left for sale


Foaled April 29, 2011

Arabian Horse Association #653821

Madheen El Masr  x  Sarriha MH

Al Khamsa, Pyramid Society Straight Egyptian, Asil

Hadban-Inzihi to Venus

Latif, which means “Gentle and Kind” in Arabic, is a beautiful seal brown bay colt of extraordinary quality.    His name was chosen the day he was foaled due to his wonderful “in your pocket” disposition.
Latif is the only son, of his spectacular sire, Madheen El Masr, shown with great success at the Egyptian Event in 2010 and the pride of El Masr Arabian Stud in Stratford, WI
Latif possesses the quality on both sides of his pedigree to be a significant herd sire and a best riding companion.

Selling Price:  $15,000
Price slashed to only

To view his pedigree, please click on the yellow dot

We know they are bringing great joy to one another!

We do reserve the right to withhold a horse if we do not feel the circumstances are right for both the horse and the prospective owner.

Please see the sections on Mares, Stallions and Foals for sale prices, photographs and pedigrees.

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