arabian horses, bison,
arabian horses, bison
Hidden Hollow Preserve is an unbelievably picturesque 900 acre ranch devoted to the raising of Arabian Horses and American Bison. Nestled in the beautiful hardwood knobs of Central Kentucky, the ranch is located at the headwaters of a natural box canyon laced with streams and hidden coves.
Surrounded on all sides by deep, lush hardwood forests, the main house, aptly named Cedar Keep, clings to its red sandstone outcropping, cradled securely between two clear streams that fall in gentle waterfalls on each side of the unique home, joining into one that retreats away through the dense forest. An incredible water garden of incomparable size and beauty graces the back yard, home to over fifty varieties of exotic water plants, lilies and lotus, and countless golden fish.
arabian horses, bison
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